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You were outside playing volleyball for gym with the rest of the girls in your class.
“I got it!” you yelled as you ran for it.
You volleyed it over the net and scored a point for your team.
“Yes we won~” said a girl from your team.
Your teammates high-fived you and everyone else for their great teamwork.
You decided to leave them be, and walked over to the water fountain.

As you were drinking, a person casted a shadow on you, making it dim.
You glared to your side, but they didn’t notice.
You wiped the bottom of your lip with the back of your hand and turned around.
“Ah! If it isn’t, ____-chan!”
You blinked a few times, “Ch-chan?”
No honorifics?
“Do you remember me?” he pointed a finger to his cheek.
You made way for him to use the water fountain,
“Hazuki Nagisa-kun,” you said. “A first year.”
He gave you a thumbs-up, “Correct!” he exclaimed.
He proceeded to take a drink.
“Well, I should get going,” you said pointing a finger to your left.
He slurped the last bit of water before he stopped, and wiped his lips with the back of his hand.
“Oh your class is the one playing volleyball today?”
You nodded.
“We’re playing soccer. You should watch me!” he grinned.
“Eh? B-but I have to get back to class,” you insisted.
“It’s okay~ Stay for a minute or two. Let’s go!” he said grabbing you by the arm and dragging you.

You sat down on a shady spot in the field, watching the game.
Nagisa was kicking the ball back and forth with a guy who had brown hair. The guy passed it to Nagisa one last time. He ran with the ball on his toes, and kicked it into the net.
“Gooaaaal!” he yelled.
His teammates all gave him a high-five. Nagisa saw you and grinned,
“Did you see that, ____-chan!?” he yelled out to you.
You chuckled and shouted back, “Good job, Nagisa-kun!”
He ran up to you, “I did good didn’t I?” he said with a big, foolish smile on his face.
You nodded, “Mm. You did a great job,” you stood up and brushed your shorts. “I should get going now then.”
“So soon?” he pouted.
You patted his head, “My class is different from yours.”
He blew up his cheeks then sighed, “Fine fine.”
You smiled at him, “I’ll see you around then.”

The afternoon bell rang, and it was time for lunch.
Hana turned around and grinned at you,
“This is the first time we’ve hung out since forever!” she exclaimed.
“Oh, don’t be such a drama queen,” you said.
“Be quiet, you know it’s true!” she said as she took out her bagged lunch.
You shrugged, “Guess so.”
“Hazuki-kun, eh?” she teased.
“What about him?” you asked as you got your sandwich out.
“I saw you two during gym. Never knew you guys were close,” she said nudging your elbow.
You rolled your eyes, “He’s a first-year, Hana. You can’t expect me to like a kohai,” you said.
“I was just kidding!” she said raising both her hands up. “But you have to admit that he’s pretty cute for a first-year. And he’s part of the swimming club.”
You raised a brow at her, “I thought you said to stay away from those swimming freaks?”
“He’s like hm.. ‘that-cute-kid-from-down-the-street’ type. You know, like a little brother!”
You sighed.
“I am so confused about your intentions right now, Hana.”
“Whaat?” she said. “Ah. I have no juice!” she exclaimed.
She pouted, “Can you go buy me one, ____? I’ll pay you back tomorrow, I promise! I forgot to bring change..”
“What are we going to do with you..” you muttered. “But yes, sure. I’ll be back.”
“Yay! Thank you ____!”

You walked to the nearest vending machine, which was on the other side of the school, and got a diet soda.
When you turned around, you saw Nagisa and Rei walking together.
Nagisa saw you first, “Ah, ____-chan!”
“Hello, ____-senpai,” said the other boy.
“Nagisa-kun, Ryugazaki-kun,” you said looking from each boy to the other. “What are you two doing for lunch?”
“Haru-chan and Mako-chan are upstairs on the rooftop. And I don’t know where Gou-chan is, ” said Nagisa.
“I..wasn’t actually asking about them, but okay. I’ll see you two around,” you said waving at them.
“Wait, ____-chan!” called out Nagisa.
You turned around, “What is it?”
“Are you busy?”
“Well.. I’m just having lunch with my friend right now. If you want, you guys could come too.”
His face lit up, then he looked at Rei,
“Let’s go,  Rei-chan!”
Nagisa grabbed him by the arm and dragged him.
You and Nagisa walked side-by-side while Rei was at the back, getting pulled by him.

When you arrived, you saw Hana sitting and eating your sandwich.
She saw you with Nagisa,
“Eh? What are you two doing together?” she asked.
You glared at her, “What are you doing eating my sandwich?”
She chuckled nervously, “You see.. I forgot my lunch too!”
You placed the canned drink on your desk, “Then what’s in that paper bag?”
She dumped the contents out, and an orange fell.
“That’s your entire lunch?” you asked surprised.
She rubbed the back of her head, “I’m sorry~ I’ll give you the money tomorrow! I promise!”
You rolled your eyes and gave her the canned drink.
“I’m going down to the caf.”

By the time you went to the caf, Rei had already headed back to the rooftop. Nagisa stayed and walked with you. He kept you company by talking about random things.
“So what club are you planning on joining?” he asked.
You shrugged as you grabbed a yakisoba sandwich from the cafeteria refrigerator. You gave it to the cashier and paid for it.
“I don’t think I’m planning on joining one,” you said as you threw the sandwich up in the air and caught it.
“Ehh? Why not?” he asked.
“Too much work? I don’t know.”
You threw the sandwich up in the air again and this time, Nagisa jumped up and caught it.
He grinned at you, “Can we half?” he asked.
You sighed, “Why does everyone keep forgetting their lunches today?” you muttered.
He chuckled, “Is that a yes?”
You nodded, “Let’s go sit somewhere.”

You two sat at a windowsill and halved the sandwich.
“Waaah~ Thank you, ____-chan!”
You gave him a half-smile, and took a bite of it.
You two ate in silence. You finished first, and threw the wrapper in the garbage can near the staircase.
“Are you done?” you asked.
He stuffed the last bite into his face and gave you the wrapper.
“Thwank you fwor the lwunch, ____-chwan!” he said with a full mouth.
You chuckled, “Don’t talk with your mouth full,” you said as you threw his wrapper in the trash.
“Should we go back upstairs?” you asked him.
He swallowed the sandwich and nodded.
You two headed for the stairs, but what you didn’t notice, was that on the fifth step on the staircase, there was liquid that had spilled earlier.
“Ah, ____-chan, be careful. There’s wat--”
You slipped as you took a step. You didn’t have enough time to scream, so you closed your eyes instead.
You felt an arm hold you around your stomach and pulled you back.
You two fell down the stairs, but Nagisa had hugged you and held you close at all times.
“O-o-owww..” he said in pain.
You opened your eyes, and you saw yourself on top of Nagisa.
You had your arms on his shoulders while your head was on top of his chest.
He had his arms firmly wrapped around your waist.
“Are you okay?” he whispered.
Your face turned red, “Yes. Th-thank you for catching me, Nagisa-kun.”
You brought your head up and looked into his eyes. His eyes were serious, and he wasn’t smiling at all. You turned away with a red face, and when you were about to push yourself up from him, he pulled you against him.
He put his chin on top of your head,
“I’m glad you’re okay..” he said quietly.
“I-I’m sorry for making you worry…” you replied in a hushed tone.
Oi. What are you two doing?” asked a deep voice.
You two looked to your side and found Haruka, Makoto, Rei, and Hana glaring down at you two.
OTL .........
Nagisa is waay too difficult to write about since he's so innocent...
The next (and last one!) will be Rin!~ So please stay tuned for that~ :D

And as usual, thank you soo much for reading! :iconslowhugplz: :3


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