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August 21, 2013
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“So in the end, you didn’t end up joining anything?” Hana asked you.
It was ten minutes before class started. You two were talking as usual.
You shook your head, “Nothing..”
Even though you only checked out the swimming club.
“Sheesh,” she shrugged. “Join my club.”
“I already told you..” you started. “I’m not into the whole ‘making-your-clothes-then-wearing-it’ fad.”
“Whatever. Just join one already!” she exclaimed.
You waved your hand in front of you.
“Um.. ____-san?”
You looked at a Mika-san, who was an acquaintance of yours,
She pointed towards the door, “Nanase-san wants to talk to you, it seems.”
You looked at the door and saw Haruka. You immediately stood up and jogged over to him,
“Haruka-san, what is it?” you asked.
“Haru’s fine..” he said calmly. “I just came by, since Gou insisted on it—are you going to join the club?”
You looked up at his ocean-like eyes, and blushed. His eyes were so beautiful, yet lonely..
“” you said quietly.
“Why not?” he asked. “I’ll teach you.”
“It’s not that..”
“Then what is it?”
“..I just don’t want to join,” you admitted.
You looked up at him and saw an expressionless face.
“I won’t force you if you don’t want to,” he said. “Well then, I should get going to class. See you around, ____.”
“A-ah.. Yeah..” you said. “See you around..” you mumbled as he walked away.

After a class of English, it was lunch break. Hana had something to attend to at the sewing club, so you went up to the rooftop to eat.
When you reached the rooftop, there was nobody around.
You walked to the edge of the roof and smiled a bit. You could see the pool from here. You thought it was a beautiful sight.
You sat at the edge and held onto the metal railing. Your feet dangled from the sides.
You heard the door to the roof open then close. You turned your head around and saw Makoto.
“Ah, ____-san. Hello,” he smiled.
He walked over to you, “Eating alone today?”
You looked up, “Yeah. What about you?”
“Can I?”
“Go ahead.”
He sat down next to you, and pulled out a juice box.
“Not anymore,” he said with a grin.
“So? Are you here to persuade me to join the club?” you asked looking at him.
He looked shocked, “Perish the thought,” he said. “Haru and Nagisa said they were going somewhere, so I decided to eat at the rooftop. I never thought I’d run into you.”
“Oh..” you said quietly. “Sorry for the assumption.”
“Don’t worry about it. I heard Haru stopped by your class this morning.”
You nodded, “He wanted me to join the club. But I said I didn’t want to. Then, he stopped.”
“Haru’s that kind of guy,” he said. “He’s not going to force you to do something if you don’t want to.”
“Let’s talk about something other than the club,” he suggested. “How are your grades?”
“Ah. They’re okay..”
You weren’t necessarily smart, but you weren’t stupid either.
“I’m not doing so good in [__worst subject__] though…” you mumbled.
He chuckled.
“Wh-what?” you said embarrassedly.
“Oh no! I wasn’t laughing at you. I’m just happy that you’re able to tell me your problems..” he said quietly. “I’m actually good in that subject, if you’d like, I can help you.”
Your face lit up, “I-if it’s not too much trouble!”
“It’s not at all, ____-san..”
You two spent the whole lunch talking about irrelevant things outside of school; like your hobbies, favourite ways to pass time, different types of music, etc.

After school came, and you remembered that you and Makoto planned to go to the library.
“Where are we going today?” Hana asked.
“Ah, sorry! I have something planned already..”
She frowned at you, “We never get to spend time together anymore!” she complained.
“I know.. Tomorrow, I promise!” you said clapping your hands together in front of you.
“Hmph. You better!” she said throwing her bag over her shoulder.

You went into the library and sat down at a table in the corner, isolated from the rest of the place.
You got your books out and your pencil case.
You saw Makoto enter the room. He immediately saw you and smiled.
“Sorry ____-san, were you waiting for too long?” he whispered as he sat down on a seat in front of you.
You smiled and shook your head.
“So, where are you having your problems?” he asked.
You opened your binder, “Ah, here,” you pointed on the page. “And here. Ah, here too.. and here…”
He moved his chair closer to you, and started helping you.

After an hour, you two decided to take a break.
“Do you get it now?” he asked.
“Some of it..”
“That’s good!” he smiled.
You blushed. He looked so cute each time he smiled.
He took a water bottle out, “Do you want some?” he asked.
You shook your head, “I have one in my bag, thank you.”
He drank while you searched your bag.
“Oh no..” you said.
“I forgot mine..”
You sat back up and frowned.
“Here, have some of mine,” he said pleasantly.
“I-is that okay?” you blushed.
“Of course.”
He handed you the bottle and you took a sip from it.
“Ah, it’s sweet!” you said.
“Sweet?” he looked at you curiously.
“The water! Here, taste,” you said touching his lips with the bottle.
He chuckled softly, then took the bottle out of your hands.
“That might just be my lip balm. Since I swim a lot, the water dries my skin and lips out. So I always have to moisturize them,” he said.
Your face flushed, “O-oh.. I see.”
He put the water down, and he slowly reached out to your face.
“T-Tachibana..-san?” you whispered nervously.
His hand brushed over the side of your neck and held a lock of your hair gently. He softly ran his thumb and index finger through it, and showed you a white fluff.
“You had this in your hair the whole time,” he said. “I didn’t want to interrupt our lesson just because of it,” he grinned.
Your face grew red, and you looked away.
Makoto held the side of your face and faced you towards him,
“I’m sorry..” he whispered. “Your lips look soft.”
“Wh-what are you going to do, Tachibana-san?..”
He frowned slightly, “Why do you call Haru by his first name, and not me? We’re in the same grade, are we not?”
You looked at him with a surprised expression. You never thought that he, of all people, would complain about something such as his name.
“M-Makoto..-san..” you said giving the name a shot.
He slightly smiled, “Just Makoto, will do.”
You loved seeing him smile. Anything other than that is saddening.
He began to close in on your face,
“Makoto?” you whispered.
He gently pressed his lips against yours. You sat there, with a shocked face.
He had his eyes closed, and he let both of your lips linger as he backed away a bit.
You licked your bottom lip, “You’re right! It is sweet,” you whispered.
He snickered, “You can be random at times, ____.”
You longed for his soft, sweet lips. You held your hands behind his neck and smiled, “Sometimes.”
This was supposed to be a Nanase Haruka x Reader, but I kinda had a writer's block with that :iconorzplz: soooo. I decided, why not do a READER x all of the iwatobi boys and rin?! It's going to be a short story every time, and there will be no continuations (because i'm lazy af..)
I hope you enjoy this idea, and thank you soo much for reading! :D <3

xxNaomi :iconflirtwinkplz:

:icondonotplz::iconmyartplz: :iconthankyouplz:
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