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August 18, 2013
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The afternoon bell rang and the class you were in, ended at last. Your friend who was sitting in front of you, turned around with an exasperated look on her face,
“I HATE this class!” she groaned.
You smiled and patted her head, “I do too.”
She let out a deep sigh,
“So, where are we going today?” she asked as she started packing her books.
“Oh, today? Actually..” you said.
“I’m going to join a club today.”
“Oh? Why not join the club I’m in?” she asked.
“The sewing club?”
She nodded.
“No offense, Hana, but I don’t like sewing,” you said with a slight chuckle.
“Yeah, but you get free clothes!”
“That you have to make..”
She sighed, “Fine fine. What kinda club did you have in mind?”
“Hm.. I hear we have a swimming club now,” you said.
She raised a brow at you, “You’re not planning on joining that club that gives out Iwatobi figures? Sure, they have cute members, but still!”
“It was just a suggestion.. But, I’ll check out the other clubs,” you said.
Hana stood up with her bag over her shoulder, “Stay away from those swimming freaks okay?”
You nodded slightly.
“Good! Now, I’m going to the sewing club, did you want anything made?” she grinned.
“A swimsuit?” you teased.
She rolled her eyes at you and left.

You walked all the way to the swimming club only to find no one there.
“Um.. Is anyone here?” you asked quietly.
You looked around and saw trees and a beautiful, blue swimming pool. You dropped your bag on the floor and walked over to the edge of the pool. You sat down in a crouching position and dipped your hand in.
“Waah.. It’s nice and warm..” you said with a smile on your face.
“It is, isn’t it?” said a voice.
You looked to your right and saw a guy with dark hair and blue eyes. He looked at you,
“You’re not Gou,” he said. “Who are you?”
You pulled your sleeve up and took your hand out of the water,
“_____,” you said as you stood up.
You noticed he had a green tie, which meant that you two were in the same grade.
“Who are you?” you asked.
“I’m the vice captain of this club, Nanase Haruka,” he said.
“I get mistaken for a girl sometimes, don’t worry about it.”
“Why are you here? I don’t remember recruiting any members.”
You were slightly hurt by his words and looked down. He didn’t seem so welcoming.
“Ah. I’m sorry, did I offend you?”
You looked up, “N-no! It’s just that.. I’m checking clubs out, since I haven’t joined anything yet.”
“And you want to join this club?”
“Oh no.. not really join... I just wanted to see how this club works,” you said.
“Well,” he said crossing his arms. “We just swim. We practice and try to compete in competitions,” he explained.
He looked over to you, “Do you want to join?”
“I don’t know how to swim..” you mumbled.
“One of our new members can’t either. Do you want to go for a swim? I’ll teach you,” he said.
“Eh? But I don’t have a swim suit on me!” you said blushing.
“I have clothes in the locker room, I’ll let you borrow them. I’ll be back,” he said walking away.

You ended up rejecting his offer and changed into your gym uniform instead. When you got out of the change room, Haruka was already in the pool, floating on his back. He was wearing a black swim suit with purple stripes.
You walked over and saw his eyes were closed. You smiled at the sight; he looked so peaceful and innocent. His body was made for the water. You blushed.
“Are you ready?” he asked opening his eyes.
“A-ah. Yes!” you said.
You sat down on the edge of the pool and lowered yourself into it.
“It’s warm!” you whispered.
You held onto the edge, considering the height of the water was up to your chest already.
“Are you scared?” he asked as he swam over to you.
You shook your head hesitantly.
“Can you float?”
You nodded, “B-but the water’s too high, I can’t do it unless someone helps me,” you said embarrassedly.
He held his hands out, “Here, I’ll help.”
You took his hand, and he immediately held your waist with one hand,
“I’m sorry, is this okay?” he asked quietly.
Your face flushed even more, but you nodded.
“Alright, then I’ll bring you up.”
He held you with both hands and brought you up the water. You slowed your breathing and closed your eyes,
“This is so relaxing..” you whispered.
“Haru-chaaaan~” shouted a voice from a distance.
You got shocked and immediately sank. You fought through the water and ran to the edge of the pool. You started coughing because you accidentally drank some of the water.
Haruka walked over to you and held your shoulders. He took a peek of your face,
“Are you okay?” he asked.
You nodded, “Wh-what was that?”
“The other members,” he said pointing past you.
You looked to where he was pointing, and saw three other guys. They were all tall, but the one running towards the pool was slightly smaller.
The other two had green and blue hair, while the guy who was running had blond hair. They were all in their school uniforms still.
“Who’s this, Haru-chan?” asked the blond guy who was crouching down in front of you.
He had a red tie, yet there were no honorific whatsoever to Haruka.
You backed away slightly, and accidentally bumped against Haruka’s body. You looked back and flushed.
“This is ____. She’s browsing through the school’s clubs,” he said casually.
“Ehh? And you’re helping her? That’s rare, isn’t it, Mako-chan?” he looked back.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered as you moved away from Haruka.
“Ah! My name’s Hazuka Nagisa! This is Tachibana Makoto,” he said pointing to the green-haired guy. “And this is our newest member, Ryugazaki Rei~”
“Nice to meet you, ____-san,” greeted the other two.
“The pleasure’s all mine,” you said.
You slightly chuckled.
“Eh?” asked Nagisa.
“Ah! I’m sorry! All of your names..They’re all for girls,” you explained.
Nagisa grinned, “Which is why this club is so special~”
Makoto crouched down with Nagisa,
“Would you like to join this club?” he asked with a smile.
The thought of you being the only girl in the club was exciting, but also scary.
“N-no..” you said.
“You sounded hesitant, are you sure?” asked Haruka.
You looked back, “Well.. I’d be the only girl..”
“No you won’t,” he said.
“Eh? But the members that were posted up on the bulletin board were your names, and another guy named Matsuoka Gou-kun.”
They all started to laugh,
“Gou-kun, is a –chan!” said Nagisa.
“It’s Kou! Not Gou!” exclaimed a girl from behind.
They all looked back,
“Ah, ____-san, this is Matsuoka Gou,” introduced Makoto. “She’s our club manager.”
The girl had red hair, and was up in a ponytail.
Gou also crouched down and smiled at you, “Please call me Kou-chan or Kou! Nice to meet you, ____-senpai!”
I know it's not the great at the moment, but there's going to be other chapters, so do not fret. And excuse if Haruka is a bit OOC.

I have been IN LOVE with this new anime lately! Before the anime, there was a commercial, and EVERYONE demanded an anime (guilty). I saw this on crunchyroll a few weeks back and I was shocked! They actually made it!~ :iconfinallyplz:

But anyways, if you haven't watched the anime yet, then YOU ARE MISSING OUT! It's one of the hottest anime of the summer Free!~

I'll work on the other chapters when I'm bored~

xxNaomi :iconflirtwinkplz: (HOW ADORBS IS THIS ICON *o*)

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